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What we do

The Foundation has three Centers to realize its mission.

peace and security program

Center for Peace and Security

The Foundation’s peace and security program analyzes the state of peace and security in conflict-affected
and post-conflict countries to indicate the drivers of conflict and peace. Today, the complex, protracted, armed conflicts that exist in many parts of the world require a comprehensive security assessment including investigating the causes of traditional and nontraditional security issues. Our program focuses on identifying the causes of insecurities through research and analysis to propose policy recommendations for better peace and security. We promote national, regional, and international cooperation for peace and security through local, regional, and international dialogue.

Democracy and Development program

Center for Democracy and Development

The Foundation’s democracy and development program works to promote inclusive democracy and development where people can participate in social and political processes and hold service providers accountable. We will promote a vibrant society through freedom of speech, human rights, and resilience.
By connecting scholars, researchers, and practitioners across democracy and development platforms, we seek to enrich locally driven cultural understanding of democracy and development, enhance public and policy debate, and drive positive change. We ensure that all democracy and development programming is conflict, gender, and climate sensitive. 

Inclusion and Diversity program

Center for Inclusion and Diversity

The Foundation’s inclusion and diversity program promotes gender equality, women in leadership, and minority rights. Women's inclusion in social and political processes and creating a cadre of specialized women leaders in policy and practice is our main objective. We ensure and encourage the inclusion and empowerment of women at all levels of society. We emphasize education and advanced learning opportunities for all members of society regardless of their race, ethnicity, class, and gender to promote engagement and equal participation. By connecting researchers and practitioners across cultures, identities, and societies, we seek to create a platform for cultural exchanges and debate to transform ideas into action.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our work.

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