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public policy research analysis

Our Approach

Research & Analysis

We conduct research and surveys to effectively assess and identify the needs and humanitarian and development issues communities encounter with accessibility to resources. Our research also focuses on mapping the interests and motives of different stakeholders to conflict and peace.

Specialized Subject Matter Education

The mission of our training program is to build skills and broaden perspectives related to our three areas of work. We provide specialized training in peace and security, inclusion and diversity, and democracy and development to individuals and organizations. We develop curriculum and provide subject matter course training to government officials, international peace and development practitioners, civil society organizations, and trainers. We coordinate and work with leading universities and institutions for joint research and specialized trainings in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

Exchange & Dialogue

Through exchange programs, we intend to build bridges among individuals representing different segments of society and create a venue for cooperation. Through direct connections, we also create linkages between the public and private sectors to exchange information, identify challenges to inclusion and diversity, and offer solutions. We promote locally driven approaches through our work by organizing national and regional dialogues among researchers, practitioners, and scholars to provide a platform for exchanging ground-based information and research findings. We create a process that has continuity and ensures sustainability.

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